On this page you will find all of the critical appraisal tools that have been created specifically for NERD.

NERDCAT-RCT (updated Mar 2017) - For randomized controlled trials

This comprehensive tool ensures that you ask all the major questions when appraising a randomized-controlled trial. It also has additional sections for special scenarios, such as trials that have been stopped prematurely, non-inferiority trials, and trials using composite outcomes. You will also find plenty of examples to illustrate the different concepts.

NERDCAT-SRMA (updated Feb 2016) - For systematic reviews and meta-analyses

This tool is designed to help you appraise and interpret systematic reviews with or without meta-analysis. The advanced topic of trial sequential analysis (TSA) is currently addressed in the advanced topic section, with future advanced topics including network meta-analysis, meta-analysis of rare outcomes, and individual-patient data meta-analysis.

NERDCAT-Obs (updated Feb 2016) – For observational studies (case-control and cohort studies)

This tool is designed to assist in interpretation of observational studies. The first section of this 2-part document provides a brief – but comprehensive – checklist, whereas the second section provides additional context and explanation required to properly interpret observational studies;

NERDCAT-CPR (updated Feb 2016) - For clinical prediction rules and prognostic tools

This comprehensive tool introduces the study methodologies required to bring a clinical prediction tool (like CHADS2 or the Framingham risk calculator) into practice, presents a framework for critically appraising these tools, and introduces the statistical concepts unique to diagnostic and prognostic studies. A PDF of a previous Powerpoint presentation on the topic can be found here.